11th Practical Conference on

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June 1 2011 Holiday Inn Moscow Suschevsky

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June 1 2011, Moscow, Suschevsky val 74,
Holiday Inn Moscow Suschevsky

June 1, 2011


Registration of the participants, coffee break

09.3011.30 Practical session 1.
News in patent law news and legislation development prospects

Issues under discussion:

Patent law development prospects in connection with new technologies appearance

Scheduled changes in section VII of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation:

Changes that may occur at patent obtaining procedure; how conditions of design invention patentability are specified, essential features, originality concept; which inventions and utility models will be recognised as dependent

Last changes and new opportunities in Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

European patent applications in Russia: specific problems, practical suggestions

Speed-up procedure for obtaining patents in Russia, the U.S.A. and the EU


Vladimir Meshcheryakov, Counselor, Gorodissky & Partners

Thomas Westphal, Ph.D. Natural Sciences, German Patent Counsel and European Patent Counsel, Partner, GLAWE DELFS MOLL — Patent counsels and lawyers (Germany)

Dmitry Tkachev, Ph.D. Natural Sciences, Technical Expert, GLAWE DELFS MOLL — Patent counsels and lawyers (Germany)

Mikhail Gavrikov, Senior Programme Manager, PCT International Cooperation Division, PCT and Patents Sector, Arbitration and Mediation and Global Intellectual Property Centre, WIPO

A representative of Rospatent is invited also

Representatives of the leading consulting companies

Representatives of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks (Rospatent) are invited also


Coffee break

12.0014.30Practical session 2.
Current issues on commercialisation and patentee rights protection

Issues under discussion:

Expertise and claim for a similar, equivalent patent issue

The right of prior use: how to file objection for a patent due to lack of novelty; ways to win such case

Commercialisation problems of proprietary rights to inventions developed involving budget resources and (or) at state-owned enterprises

Review of possible problems in patents licensing and sale, concession a part of a patent

Analysis of judicial practice in Russia and in the U.S.A


Dmitry Dubograev, Managing Partner, femida.us (Int'l Legal Counsels PC), USA

Eugene Livadny, Deputy Head of Legal Department, Head of Intellectual Property Department, Russian Technologies State Corporation

A representative of the Supreme Commercial Court of the Russian Federation *


Lunch for the conference participants

15.3018.00Issue-related parallel sections

Section .
Specifics of patent and litigation in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries

Section B.
Inventions, utility models and other innovations — current issues

Implications of changes in the Federal law 61-FZ "On pharmaceuticals circulation." Other ways to protect intellectual property rights of pharmaceutical manufacturers

Specifics of patents obtaining for new chemical compound and pharmaceutical composition

Opportunities and consequences of generic patenting

Pharmaceuticals purity estimation specifics

Legislation and judicial practice on patent disputes processing in the pharmaceutical industry


Valentina Fedorova, Ph.D.Biologic Sciences, Patent Counsel of the Russian Federation, Director for Intellectual Property, Binnofarm

Olga Vukolova, Patent Expert, biotech company BIOKAD

Vladislav Ugryumov, Partner, Gowlings Moscow Office

Fraud with patents and license wars

How to get paid after patents expiration? Other practical aspects of relationship between licensor and licensee

Inventions and patents development specifics in the high technology and nanotechnology

Employees invention. How to draw owner's rights properly?

Analysis of legal investigation on patent issues and arbitral procedure


Anna Raevskaya, Head of Corporate Affairs, Directorate of Legal Affairs, Novolipetsk Steel (NLMK)

Dmitry Sokolov, Head of patent service, Nanotechnologiya MDT (NT-MDT)

Evgeny Alexandrov, Patent Counsel of the Russian Federation, Deputy Head of Legal Department, Gorodissky & Partners


Champaign. Interaction. Closing of the Conference

* To be confirmed


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